HashBasher Crypto Mining Competition

Hashbasher is a crypto mining game using real web-based mining software. Create your own mining rig and start mining for Skulls coins. Start mining your own little fortune and unlock levels and premiums. Miners compete for solving a cryptographic riddle that requires computer power and patience. Whoever solves the problem first gets rewarded with number of free coins (Skulls) depending on the level of the game.
How to use Hashbasher - manual - quick start guide

Aan de slag met Hashbasher - manual

How to use Hashbasher - manual
A fun and playful introduction to the world of crypto currency and crypto coin mining. A safe alternative for Pi coins mining also known as the Pi network. mining simulation

Hashbasher is een cryptomining-spel dat gebruikmaakt van echte web-based mining software.

Start met het minen van Skulls-munten . Verzamel je fortuin en ontgrendel levels en premiums.

crypto game

crypto mining simulator

Create a HashBasher wallet and start mining for Skulls coins.

Mining is a decentralized and a distributed process. Anyone with some hardware computing power to contribute can enter the site and become a miner. It’s completely a democratic process. coin pc mining

cryptocoin game

asic fpu

crypto coin game

bitcoin game

bitcoin simulator

Crypto currency

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Digital money that's instant, private and free from bank fees. Download the official Bitcoin Wallet app today, and start investing and trading in BTC or BCH Bitcoin mining

Pi network


Many people have wondered if the Pi network and the Pi mining app for mobile phone is a scam. HashBasher is an alternative to Pi network mining

pi network mining scam

Is PI Network a scam providing no value to users? Possibly yes.

Skulls crypto coins

Mine and trade Skulls crypto coins
Skulls coins are easier to mine than PI and have better value

Skulls crypto coin. PI alternative. Doge coin

Hahsbasher Skulls coin. Skulls crypto coin. Skulls mining. Pi network. Monero and litecoin. Alternatives. Hahsbasher Skulls coin explorer. Shiba Inu coin explorer. Doge coin explorer

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About HashBasher

HashBasher is a crypto mining game using real web-based mining software.

Create your mining rig and start mining for Skulls coins. Start mining your little fortune and unlock levels and premiums.

Quik Start

See below for an explanation of functionality..

  • Click on the Skull on the homepage
  • Create a wallet or restore an existing one
  • Select a level
  • Optionally become member of a team (depending on your highest unlocked level)
  • Press "Start mining" and sit back while the miner software collects rewards...

HasBasher is a private and experimental project by software developer Martin Beek. HashBasher is in beta development stage and is provided "as is".

By using HashBasher.com you agree to the fact that that the website is experimental and under development, and that all rights are reserved, and that the developer is not liable to you, or any third party, for any lost profit or damages from its use. If you don't agree with the simple terms or with any aspect of the website, please refrain from using HashBasher.com.

Privacy / Anonymity
True to the tradition of crypto coin mining, you use HashBasher.com fully anonymously. HashBasher does not collect personal data. You don't need to register or to enter any personal information - not even an e-mail address. The only data stored is your IP address in our provider's logfiles; we can't switch that off. Feel free to use a VPN to hide your real IP. We don't want your information, unlike some other "free" and "innovative" new crypto coin networks and games...

Besides Skulls coins you'll receive cookies on HashBasher - like on any other website. Functional, technical and -tracking cookies. These cookies will be stored in your browser by Google Analytics, Google Tagmanager and - in the near future - by Google Ads.

Cookies are used by HashBasher to measure website traffic. Since we don't collect any personal data and the use of HashBasher if anonymous, we won't (and can't) build user profiles. By using HashBasher you agree with receiving these cookies. You are free to use a cookie- or adblocker but you'll support or project if you leave them off.

HashBasher is not developed for children in particular but can be considered safe for minors (and miners ;-). No adult content is shown.

What this is NOT
HashBasher is a game and a crypto coin mining simulator. Although real mining algorithms are used, no real crypto coins are mined. "Skulls" coins have no value outside of HashBasher.com and the Skulls coins "ledger" is database-driven and is not part of a blockchain. Although Skulls coins can be obtained through the website by means of vouchers, the Skulls coins can not be exchanged for any currency or be traded on crypto coin trading platforms.

Having said that... please read "Will Skulls eventually gain value as a currency in the real world?" and "What is the value of a Skulls coin?" in the FAQ section below. You might also want to check out the list of companies and individuals who offer products and services in exchange for Skulls here!

Mining on HashBasher (as a game)

HashBasher miners compete for solving a cryptographic riddle that requires computer power and patience. Whoever solves the problem first gets rewarded with several free coins (Skulls) depending on the level of the game.

Mining is like a riddle-guessing game, in which the computer tries to guess a "block"; a complex number that gets more complex with each level.

For example: mining on level 1 on a modern PC, phone or laptop will mine a block every few seconds. Mining on level 5 can take all day (or longer)! The reward you receive for mining a block gets higher with each level.

Because the mining (or "guessing") is using a complex random number algorithm, the whole process relies heavily on probability, chance and luck - just like a lottery.

Miners mining on a higher level will have to invest more computer time and patience but will be rewarded with more Skulls than when they would win on a lower level.

On each level, there is only one block hash that everyone on that level is trying to guess. If the hash is guessed (a block is mined) the miner will be rewarded and a new block hash will be generated for everyone to guess.

Important: Use HashBasher wisely. HashBasher uses a real web-based miner that runs in your browser. The miner uses processor-power that can slow down your pc or mobile. If you mine on your phone, it will drain your battery fast, and your phone can get hot! Stop mining if your phone gets too hot to prevent damage to your device. HashBasher can not be held responsible for damage to your equipment.

Explanation of terms and functions

The "block" is an array of random numbers, combined into one big secret code. There are billions of combinations and on higher levels, it can take a powerful computer several days to guess.

If a block is guessed (mined) the miner is rewarded and a new block is generated for everyone to guess. Blocks on higher levels are more complex than blocks on lower levels. Because the block is secret and never revealed, we create a short "hint" or "description" of the block so that the miners can find it, this is called a "block hash"

Hash or Block hash
Not something you can smoke, but a short word for a special unique number that is a "hint" of the block we are mining for. The block is a long complex number, but the hash is like a short description of that block; like a shadow. So, the real block is never revealed, but only its hash.

The mining speed. The speed of guessing hashes. Your computer and mobile can perform hundreds of thousands and even millions of guesses each second! If the miner thinks it has found a valid candidate - a hash that looks suspiciously like the block hash we are after - it sends the block it has guessed to the server to check. If the guess is right, the miner is rewarded.

The hash rate can fluctuate and relies on your computer's processor speed and other processes using the processor at the same time. Mining can slow down your computer and can lead to an increase in the temperature of the processor and other electronics. Our optimizer is trying to make the miner more efficient.

To make the HashBasher web-based miner available and compatible with all PCs, laptops, and mobile devices (even older ones), the software has a clever optimizer that senses the capabilities of your processor. You will see the optimizer at work on your logging screen every few minutes. It targets as many computations in around 3 to 4-second bursts. This results in the most steady hash rate over time.

The difficulty of guessing (mining) a block increases significantly with each level. When you start using HashBasher you will have both levels 1 and 2 unlocked.
If you want to unlock and mine on a higher level, it can be obtained in exchange for several Skulls. The "price" for levels is (level X 1000) Skulls. So level 3 can be unlocked in exchange for 3000 skulls, et cetera. You can mix levels or open extra browser windows to mine on other levels at the same time. HashBasher will automatically synchronize data between sessions (browser windows, mobile devices, et cetera).

Miners are rewarded for guessing (mining) a block. Because mining is more laborious on higher levels, rewards are based on the mining level.
The rewards are currently:
  • Level 1 reward: 1 Skull
  • Level 2 reward: 8 Skulls
  • Level 3 reward: 64 Skulls
  • Level 4 reward: 640 Skulls
  • Level 5 reward: 3200 Skulls
  • Level 6 reward: 6400 Skulls
  • Level 7 reward: 12800 Skulls

A wallet is a virtual wallet to store your collected Skull coins. It has a unique address made up of numbers and letters. Members of the Elite Mining Team can even choose a name for their wallet. The wallet is protected by a secret recovery code - a string of six passwords - that will be shown to you at the time of the creation of the wallet and needs to be stored in a safe place. Make sure no one peeks over your shoulder or has access to your secret code in any way. Code lost = Skulls lost! HashBasher.com has no way of restoring or retrieving your wallet!

Teams are groups of members working together. The team members are rewarded with extra Skulls depending on their team's level and accumulated capital (* this is a near-future feature). There are five miner-teams on HashBasher. If you start with HashBasher you are made a member of the Mine Workers Union team. If you enter a new level, you can also join a new team. This is optional; you can remain a member of any team for any amount of time.

Your team's badge is shown at the top of the miner screen and clicking it will bring up the list of all teams. Teams that are available to you can be selected and joined.

Net rate
The net rate display (shown under the mining screen) is the average total of the hashrate of all miners currently active.

Network difficulty is a progressive number that increases, percentually, overnight, every day of the year, making mining a little bit more difficult every day. The network difficulty number progresses through all levels and it controls the amount of difficulty to find blocks on HashBasher. The daily increase is 0,06% which amounts to a difficulty of 622 after one year from now, and on August 1 2024, the difficulty of june 1 2021 number will have doubled. This mechanism affects your mining results only marginally. In a year, finding a block on e.g. level 3 CAN take a few minutes longer. If you want to see the difficulty progression through the coming years, run this script in your browser: Difficulty increase over 5 years.

The HashBasher team can tune the difficulty throughout the year during the beta stage when more miners become active and mining proofs too easy for some levels. Internal algorithms are tuned in such a way that mining on level 1 for a prolonged time is less profitable than mining at a higher level for the same amount of time!

You can get a list of all the Skulls you've received or sent from/to other miners. You'll find this function in the menu at the bottom of the mining screen.

Spending / Sending Skulls
You can spend your Skulls in several ways. First, you can acquire new levels in exchange for Skulls. Further, you can transfer Skulls among wallets. You can send Skulls to other wallets via the menu option "Send Skulls" below the miner screen. You'll need the wallet's address. Another way to give Skulls to others outside HashBasher is through Vouchers (see below).

Accepting Skulls
Likewise, you can receive Skulls from other wallets. Alternatively, you can cash in vouchers (see below).

Issuing vouchers
You can send Skulls coins to other people without the need for a wallet address. Select Vouchers in the menu below the mining screen. This menu lets you create, verify and receive vouchers. A voucher is a printable file (PDF or image file) with a QR code, a value in Skulls, and a unique number. A voucher represents the value in Skulls you have assigned to it. After confirmation, the voucher will be created for download and the assigned amount of Skulls will be debited to your wallet.

Vouchers have no expiry date and are anonymous, and can be cashed in by anyone holding the voucher. A voucher can only be cashed in once.

Receiving and cashing in vouchers
If you have received a voucher, you can add its value to your wallet through the Vouchers menu below the mining screen. If your pc or phone has a QR code scanner (or preferably a QR code keyboard) you can scan the QR code on the voucher. Alternatively, you can enter the code printed on the voucher. If the voucher is valid, its value will be added to your wallet.

Verifying vouchers
If you receive a voucher and you want to check if it's valid (e.g. not cashed in yet) and represents the expected value, you can verify a voucher without actually cashing it in. You only need the first and the last 6-letter word of the voucher code. So, if the voucher code is aaaaaa bbbbbb cccccc dddddd eeeeee 123456, you only have to enter aaaaaa123456 for verification. This way, you can check other people's vouchers without being able to cash them in.

Buying Skulls and vouchers from other people
Some individuals offer vouchers for sale on social media and E-bay. Please be careful! ALWAYS VERIFY if a voucher is valid! You can verify vouchers without the need for the full QR code or voucher code. This is safe for the seller of the voucher. See the vouchers section above.

You can check te curent value of the Skulls coin online before you buy or sell Skulls on Skullscoin.com!

Feel free to post a request for coins in the HashBasher Miners Guild group on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Skulls coin?
The Skulls coin (a.k.a. SKLS, SKLZ or SKULLZ) is NOT a regular crypto coin. The Skulls coins "ledger" is database-driven and is not part of a blockchain. Please read the What this is NOT section above. Skulls are points, or game tokens, with no value outside HashBasher.com.

What is the value of the Skulls coin?
If you want to check out the actual value of the Skulls coin, visit the Skullscoin website.

The Skulls coin is not a crypto coin, is not an official currency and has no value outside HashBasher.com. Although Skulls coins can be obtained from other miners on the website by means of vouchers, the Skulls coins can not be exchanged for any currency or be traded on crypto coin trading platforms.

But... the Skulls coin certainly has value to HashBasher miners! Skullz are needed to unlock levels, to take part in a competition, et cetera. Also, a number of individuals and companies have chosen to supply products or services in exchange for Skulls (see this page).

Although we consider any exchange of Skulls beyond this website as "out of our hands" and not part of our game, we recognize the need for assigninig a real-world value to the coin. On may 1 2021, we have set the value of 10,000 Skulls (10K Skulls) to: 1 Cup of Coffee β˜•οΈ or US$2.50 (approx. €2,00). There are also people who choose to link the value of the Skulls coin to the value of an existing crypto coin.

Shouldn't I be mining real crypto coins with my PC instead?
No, you should not πŸ˜€. PC mining (and even GPU mining) is not feasible anymore because of the difficulty, and the competition by professional mining farms. Just enjoy the game and mine those Skulls!

Will Skulls eventually become a real cryto coin with a blockchain?
Who knows... πŸ˜‰ We can't promise anything at the moment (in contradiction to some creators of much-hyped and worthless coins...).

Will Skulls eventually gain value as a currency in the real world?
For now, Skulls are worthless in the real world. But that can change, depending on its use by our miners. Skulls can be traded for goods or services in the real world if people wish to do so (e.g. by the means of vouchers). Maybe, one day you can get a cup of coffee in exchange for Skulls. Who knows...

Altough we consider any exchange of Skulls beyond this website as "out of our hands" and not part of our game, we provide a list of companies and individuals who offer products and services in exchange for Skulls here!

Why is my browser only using one core/thread?
Browsers like Safari and Chrome are trying to protect the user from the browser consuming all processor power and limit each browser window (all tabs) to one processor core/thread. You can work around that by opening multiple separate browser windows and so run multiple miners.

We want to stress the fact that this will exhaust the batteries on battery-powered devices, risking the real threat of overheating the device; slowing down other processes and eventually maybe harm it's electronic parts.

Why is my phone's browser mining at a much higher speed than my laptop?
Today's mobile processors are incredibly powerful. Also, most mobile browsers on both iOS and Android devices allow the use of all available processor cores/threads.

We've seen test results of an iPhone 12 Pro Max beating an i7 12 core 2020 Macbook Pro EASILY! This changes if multiple browser windows are utilized on the laptop and also after a short period after which the phone's overheating protection kicks in and slows down the phone's processor.

Why is the fan of my laptop running like crazy? Why is my mobile's backside getting hot?
We can't stress enough the fact that - although being a game - HashBasher is actually mining, heavily using the processor power of your laptop or mobile. The temperature of the processor and internal other internal circuits rises and triggers the fan on your laptop and can activate "throttling" on your mobile. The latter meaning that your mobile will protect itself against overheating by automatically lowering the processing speed and the hashing speed of the program.

In our experiments with modern mobile devices, no defects have resulted from using HashBasher, but we advise to be careful with using Hashasher on a mobile phone with poor heath dissipation capabilities (e.g. in a case or other enclosure).

Do you have a HashBasher app?
Yes! Our Android app can be found here in the Playstore

We advice iOS users to press the share button in Safari and choose "Save to start screen", this will give you an identical (web-) app on your iPhone!

The HashBasher Team

  • Martin Beek, key developer
    • Martin is a senior developer from The Netherlands with over 30 years of experience. He was the founder of several early Bitcoin mining pools and nowadays focuses on utility development for Gulden (NLG) alt-coin, and other blockchain based applications.

  • Barry Johnson, developer
    • Barry is a New Zealand developer with over 10 years of experience in C, Linux and algorithms. He has been involved in the development of 3D software for "The Hobbit". Barry is a crypto coin and RPG fanatic.

  • Eva Schouten, designer
    • Eva is a web designer from Belgium and also an expert in UI design. Eva takes care of all graphics- and webdesign, and manages our social media.

  • Jed Badowski, developer / webmaster
    • Jef is an Israeli expert in application development, databases, blockchain and LAMP.. Jed takes care of web hosting, Linux server management, and database design.

Who can i contact?
Please follow our HashBasher Miners Guild group on Facebook for community support! We also have a HashBasher Facebook page. for news and accouncements.

For questions regarding advertising, integration and co-operation on/with Hashbasher, please contact Martin Beek, m@rtinbeek.nl. E-mails are usually answered the same day. EU time zone.


Patience and luck
Mining requires patience and luck. Sometimes it can take hours to mine a block on e.g. level 4 up to the point that you think of quitting the game altogether, and then suddenly it solves three blocks in a row in five minutes. That makes mining both painstaking and exciting at the same time. If you're mining on a higher level, give it a little time, and be patient!

HashBasher is a non-profit, non-commercial project. Please support our operation and donate some coins ❀️:

  • NLG: GM8s1E1pXnun4mwpPLxYYKCW1A6ciks7op
  • BTC: bc1q3c8767h569fx8vkm4y8gen9rqhjdud0zry4tlx
  • DOGE: D6f3xTw1XKbXJnEoVmCAKodfrwd6uo3bFG
  • SKULLS: 00000001_ilovehashbashr πŸ˜€